8 Steps to Make Papaya Juice

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Looking for a healthy, delicious papaya juice…? then this is what you want. its simple and quick,try it out.
How to make Papaya Juice? Here are 8 steps. Follow me step by step.

8 Steps to Make Papaya Juice

8 Steps to Make Papaya Juice

Ingredients for Papaya Juice recipe

* piece of papaya (medium size)
* piece of aloe
* sugar
* half a lemon
* half a cup of milk
* water

Steps for Papaya Juice recipe

Step1: Make sure all the ingredients are with you.
Step2: Divide the piece of papaya in to small pieces and put them in to the blender.
Step3: Remove the outer skin of the aloe and get the aloe gel out and add it in to the blender.
Step4: Put some sugar according to your taste (2-3 table spoons).
Step5: Add the milk , lemon and a glass of water in to it.
Step6: Now blender the stuff together.
Step7: Add some ice cubes and again blend it.
Step8: Put it in to a glass with 2-3 ice cubes. Enjoy!!!

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