Make Banana Peel Tea

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How to make banana peel tea?

How to make banana peel tea?

How to make banana peel tea? Here are 6 steps. Follow me step by step.


* Freezer
* Baking or cake pan
* Oven with low temperature range
* Blender
* Closed container (perhaps an ice cream pail or a tea tin) for storing dry tea
* Stainless steel coffee strainer


Step1: As you eat bananas, peel off labels. Throw peels into your freezer. You can also make this tea without freezing and drying peels. Just put a fresh peel in a cup and boil with water.
Step2: When you have enough peels to fill a pan, let them thaw in your pan for an hour or two. They should turn black.
Step3: Put your peels in your oven at pasteurization temperature. This is approximately 65ºC or 150ºF. Bake until dry (this should take less than one hour).
Step4: Crack and shred your peels by hand a little bit.
Step5: Pulverize about one peel at a time in the blender. Add up to four peels before emptying your blender into a dry tea jar.
Step6: Pour hot water over one heaping teaspoon of the blended peel. That is about as strong as a black tea bag. Always adjust amounts to your taste. Enjoy before bedtime, to help send you into a good night’s sleep.

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